Fight your way to the bottom of a 50 level dungeon, traversing various biomes and enemies. Discover treasure chests with weapons and armor, magic fountains to heal you, and mystic anvils to improve your equipment. Level up to increase attributes and select from a variety of skills. Experiment to find your favorite build to conquer Dungeon Descent. 


Download 37 MB
DungeonDescent.0.3.apk 73 MB


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enjoyable! feels like it's missing that "something" to make it special but I really enjoyed it. made it to the endless sea and a kraken. 

The ultimate giant-rat-quick-strike simulator. Perfect little dungeon crawl, very nice work. Very pleased that I can dump points into strength and win, as per how video games are meant to operate. 


However I disagree with the way Rats can kill the player.